Protect Your Residential or Commercial Property

Inspection, repair, maintenance and preservation property solutions serving Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota

When it comes to protecting your investments, we understand that preservation is key. That is why Norseman Property Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing inspection, maintenance and preservation services for a wide variety of property assets. Operating out of the great state of Wyoming, we offer a unique business platform for the local Real Estate industry. No matter what you’re looking for in a property maintenance company, you can trust that, “We do it all, the right way!”

What We Offer:

Norseman Property Solutions, LLC provides property preservation services, certified residential home inspections, mold inspections and mitigation services, methamphetamine inspections and tractor Services in Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota. We work with homeowners and the country’s top mortgage lenders, servicers and GSE/government agencies to help them achieve their property goals.

We specialize in a variety of property services such as: asset stabilization with reoccurring inspection/maintenance of an REO property, renter/property management, property sales preparation, property upkeep, or field chase contacts and inspections for pre-foreclosure properties. Norseman Property Solutions, LLC is ready, able and willing to serve you today!

Property preservation

Do you find yourself running out of time to maintain your property? Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that life gets busy, and it doesn’t stop because your property needs TLC. Norseman Property Solutions, LLC is here to help. From landscaping and yard work to minor plumbing and HVAC repairs, we have the property preservation services you’re looking for.

Property inspections

Maintain the safety and integrity of your home or commercial property. From mold mitigation to structural inspections, Norseman Property Solutions, LLC is invested in helping you keep your property as safe as possible and up to code. Don’t wait until it’s too late, protect your investment today. Browse our property inspection services and give us a call.

Service Overview:

• Occupancy Checks
• Evictions
• Lock Changes
• Boarding & Securing
• Window Reglazing
• Debris Removal
• Winterization
• Landscaping
• Minor Plumbing & Electrical Repairs
• Conveyance Inspections
• HPIR Inspections
• Health & Safety Mitigation
• Full Roof to Foundation Inspection
• Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Operational Inspection and Certification
• Health & Safety Inspection
• Repair Recommendations
• Visual Mold Inspection
• Full Roof to Foundation Visual Inspection
• Air, Swab and Tape Sampling Processed by a Nationally Accredited Laboratory
• Certified Mitigation Protocol Plans (Optional)
• Full Mold Mitigation Services with Post Mitigation Testing (Optional)
• 50 Point Visual Inspection
• Methamphetamine Testing
• Certified Mitigation Protocol Plans (Optional)
• Full Methamphetamine Mitigation Services with Post Mitigation Testing (Optional)
• Acreage Mowing
• Horse Corral Cleaning & Manure Disposal
• Snow Removal
• Driveway Graveling & Grooming
• Garden Tilling
• Fencing
• Post & Pole Auguring

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